I'm a new user. What should I Do?

Hello, welcome to the INBOX. We have listed below what you should do as the most basic to send your e-mail campaigns. Remember, you can do much more than sending bulk e-mail in INBOX. E-mail marketing is the marketing model with the highest return on investment. To do more, you can explore the other features of INBOX on our website.

  •          First of all, you need to define a "Sender Account" that will show to your receivers where your e-mails come from.  You can add new sender.
  •          Now you can transfer your permitted lists to the panel. Let's create a new list from your My Contact Lists page and go to 'Add Bulk Contact' section. 
  •          Now that everything is ready, you can now prepare a campaign content (newsletter) and start to sending. We recommend that you use INBOXBrush to create responsive newsletters in just a few minutes by drag / drop. You can access INBOXBrush from the Create Campaignsection of your panel. INBOXBrush has a large number of ready-made templates and these are sectorally separated. If you wish, you can create and edit a ready-made template and, if you wish, you can drag and drop the modules in the INBOXBrush panel to create an excellent newsletter. You can learn more about INBOXBrush here.
  •          Now you're ready to sending. Once you've finished designing your newsletter , you can start to proccess by clicking to Create Sending
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