About info email addresses

With the law on the regulation of electronic commerce numbered 6563, sending bulk e-mail to e-mail addresses without permission is prohibited. For this reason, you can send bulk e-mail to only the e-mail addresses of the people you have received approval from now. The approval is the full permission of a person's e-mail address. So the e-mail address must be personal.

“The e-mail addresses such as info @ admin @ sales @ export @ are addresses for a department, so it is not possible to mention the traces received from a person.

For example; The person responsible for the info @ address of a company in 2012 may not be the same people responsible for 2016. Therefore, it is more likely that the e-mail you send will be marked as spam by the receiving e-mail server. Contents, domains and ip addresses of the people that send e-mail to addresses those types can be blocked by ISPs (hotmail, gmail, yahoo and all e-mail servers) .

Many e-mail marketing companies have imposed various restrictions on transferring such e-mail addresses to the system. Even e-mail marketing companies do not allow these addresses to be uploaded to your panel. INBOX also has restrictions in this way. In addition, it will be useful to remember a further issue; Emails that you send to email addresses, such as info, admin, information, are more likely to are marked as spams by spam filters.

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