Delivery of e-mail to the recipient

The journey of an e-mail advances by communicating with the recipient e-mail server after your e-mail has left the sender server. The receiving e-mail server checks the e-mail contents to see if they are reliable and accepts or rejects the e-mail. Below we will share details about why your email did not reach the receiver.

1- E-mail not reaching Hotmail

it is normal for you to be receiving feedback from time to time that your email has not reached your Hotmail user subscribers. Because of Hotmail's new filtering feature, many receivers may not see the e-mails.Too many users complain about this problem. In the future, we will see what will happen with this particular Hotmail issue.

2- My email did not reach Gmail

Like in Hotmail, Gmail automatically filters emails. Unlike Hotmail, filters in Gmail are grouped into 3 different groups as standard. Primary, Social and Promotions. Gmail is auto-filtering based on the content of the email. If your subscriber is a Gmail user who tells you that the email you sent has not arrived, you can remind them to check out the other tabs. Although these tabs are clearly visible at the interface, most people can miss them.

3- I checked the possibilities above but my email is not reaching!

You've considered Gmail and Hotmail filtering, but you still notice that your email does not reach the recipient. In this case, we can say that your email is most likely hooked up to the spam filter of the server. Check your e-newsletter to see if there are elements to trigger spam filters, and try sending again after you revise your work. We should not forget that the e-mail server determines whether an e-mail is spam or not, not the sender. At this stage, you are limited in what you can do as a sender. You should prepare your work in the most correct way and send it to the receiver.

4 - Do you think the situation is for another reason?

If you think there are other reasons other than the above reasons, please fill out the following information and send us an e-mail. You will be returned as soon as possible after the necessary technical examinations.
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